Longtail Content Marketing


longtail content creation

Long and Strong

If Content is King, Longtail Content is the King’s Hand. 20% of your content should be about your brand and your services. However, if you check your site stats you’ll notice that approximately 80% of your traffic comes from longtail keywords.

Imagine almost effortlessly capturing traffic, with very little backlinking, and just plain good content writing? Not only is it simple it’s effect. Longtail Content generation is a way to capture conversions with laser targeted visitors.


Starling SEO will not only research the most effective Longtail Keywords for your business, but the keywords with the lowest competition, ensuring a speedy shot to the top of the SERPs.

Content Creation

Our team of content creators will customize a stream of lontail content that makes sense for your needs.


You’ll receive monthly reports on how well your longtail campaign is working. Just sit back and watch the traffic flow.